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Manual vacuum pump "Saugfix"
for oil change and more
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Manual vacuum pump
for oilchange and more

Filling valve for
portable tyre inflators

For oil change:
of cars, boats and machines.
 fast    clean    easy
For hobby / gardening
sucks up liquids of all kinds.
Technical data:

Maximum Vacuum : 0,75 bar.
Litre scale on container.
Total weight : 0,8 kg.
The one-way-valve maintains vacuum.

Suction is achieved after pumping for about 20 seconds (oil),
faster for less viscous liquids such as water (5 seconds).

Three plug-on extraction nozzles with different diameters
(5 - 9 mm), enable the suction of oil out of almost all
engines and motors.

The 5 litre plastic container is chemically stable
for oils, fluids and battery acid. !
Zoom Equipement includes:

5 Litre container with scale.

Fitting cap (black) with valve and hose coupling.

Manual Vacuum pump.

Connecting hose (pink) to vaccum pump.

Connecting hose (white) to cap, length 1,5 m.

Additional cap (red), to close the container.

3 different plug-on nozzles with different diameters.

Article n░.: 011001